Gruppe S / Dynamic Autosports / Hankook Tire GTR Drift Car

Posted by Gruppe S On November 5, 2009

Check out our new Project GTR Drift Car for Formula Drift. Stay up to Date with Developments on the Car here on the Gruppe S Blog

Check out the new End of the Year Gruppe-S Drifting Season Video

Posted by Gruppe-S On November 3, 2009

Robbie Nishida, Eric O'Sullivan, Ryuji Miki and the Hankook Tire Drift Team Video Showcasing our strong 2009 Season.

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Robbie Nishida Qualifies Number One at Formula Drift Las Vegas!

Posted by Gruppe S On July 10, 2009

Robbie Nishida, Driver of the Dynamic Autosport / Hankook Tire 305Z Qualifies in the number one spot at the Formula Drift: Round 4 Las Vegas Speedway Event

Hankook Tire F200 FULL RACE SLICKS On Special at Gruppe-S Now!

Posted by Gruppe S On July 25, 2009

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Chassis Prep: Street Cage going into Project Time Attack TC

Posted by Gruppe S On Tuesday, August 16, 2011 0 comments

In order to get that additional handling out of the car, we are increasing the rigidity of the chassis by putting in a welded cage. Along with the increase in rigidity, it also provides additional protection for our driver.

So how does having your chassis stronger and more rigid makes the car handle better? Believe it or not when you are turning the chassis of your car is twisting under the pressure and G forces experienced while driving. A cage helps to make the suspension point consistently in the correct place.

Steven @ Gruppe-s

Kranze Test Fitted!

Posted by Gruppe S On Tuesday, August 16, 2011 0 comments
As posted earlier here are the wheels test fitted on the actual car, its looking pretty amazing so far...

Steven @ Gruppe-S

Kranze VIP Setup 19x10.5 -13 <---Yeah negative 13...

Posted by Gruppe S On Monday, August 15, 2011 0 comments
Not much to be said on this one, just gotta stare an appreciate deep dished, gangster offset wheels.

(To the Forum Members of that are following my blog, this post is for you guys. )

Under a veil of secrecy, Team Dynamic Autosports has been building and developing the 2011 Scion TC platform for Time Attack in the US. Set to pilot this car is Professional Skateboarder and six time X-Games Gold Medalist Bucky Lasek. Lasek with his extensive background in motorsports including a first place win and a professional racing status recognition at the Toyota Grand Prix of Long Beach Pro-Celebrity Race. Bucky’s long standing experience in extreme sports and driver training from Toyota makes him a formidable driver.

Press releases regarding the details of the vehicle have been kept down to a minimum during the development process, but last week marked the completion of the first successful testing of the 2011 Scion TC. Within the first initial test session without any prior seat time, Bucky Lasek was able to lay down an impressive lap time of 1:28. After some minor corrections his time dropped to 1:27. After learning the capabilities of the car within a few laps, Bucky Lasek was able to complete a final lap time of 1:26.3, although it is apparent that there is much room for growth and faster times.

In preparation for the coming events, the Scion TC will undergo further development to make the proven platform even faster.

-Steven Tran @Gruppe-S

Power to the Ground: OS Giken LSD

Posted by Gruppe S On Thursday, August 04, 2011 0 comments

One of the absolutely best modifications anyone can do to any car is a differential. In terms of handling it is one of the most dramatic mods you can do that gives you that amazing driver feedback during track conditions. With the FWD application it helps to significantly reduce if not eliminate a great deal of understeer. For our Scion TC Time Attack car we had to go with one of the best in the business, OS Giken.

Contrary to Rear Wheel Drive applications or AWD where you can just remove the "Pumpkin"(Differential Housing) you need to actually remove the transmission and disassemble it to change out a diff. Its a little bit more daunting of a task, but it is absolutely well worth the effort.

While we were there, we took out the stock Clutch and changed it out with an ACT Head Duty Clutch. We needed that extra strong bite that ACT clutches gives especially since we went with forced induction.

Organization is key in this kind of work and our head Technician Sy, is a master of organization with his super JDM work ethic.

The network of transmission gears that enables our driver to hit those apex's.

Steven Tran @ Gruppe-S

Project Time Attack Scion TC gets GReddy Powered Turbo Kit

Posted by Gruppe S On Tuesday, August 02, 2011 0 comments

Having a deep heritage in the Automotive world internationally, GReddy Performance is known for their high performing products with their amazing Japanese Quality. Looking to use only the best, GReddy agreed to help us get a little more pull out of our Scion TC Race car. Equipped with a Custom Greddy Turbo Kit, our Scion TC has the power to pull through the turns and lead to the finish.

The exhaust manifold is a piece of art using only the highest strength material to hold in those exhaust fumes.

To maximize power and prevent heat soak, they used a GReddy Intercooler, one of the highest quality cores available on the market.

Airflow is critical to maintaining lower engine temperatures, so a front mount setup is a must.

Every last piece of this kit screams GReddy, with the amazing Japanese Manufacturing quality.

Expect to see some more information on our setup after some more testing!

Steven Tran @ Gruppe-S


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