Gruppe S / Dynamic Autosports / Hankook Tire GTR Drift Car

Posted by Gruppe S On November 5, 2009

Check out our new Project GTR Drift Car for Formula Drift. Stay up to Date with Developments on the Car here on the Gruppe S Blog

Check out the new End of the Year Gruppe-S Drifting Season Video

Posted by Gruppe-S On November 3, 2009

Robbie Nishida, Eric O'Sullivan, Ryuji Miki and the Hankook Tire Drift Team Video Showcasing our strong 2009 Season.

Check our our Holiday Deals @

Posted by Gruppe S On July 24, 2009

Check out for all the great deals on all your aftermarket performance part needs. Located in Lake Forest, California, Gruppe-S carries thousands of different products and has over a Million Dollars of products IN-STOCK.

Robbie Nishida Qualifies Number One at Formula Drift Las Vegas!

Posted by Gruppe S On July 10, 2009

Robbie Nishida, Driver of the Dynamic Autosport / Hankook Tire 305Z Qualifies in the number one spot at the Formula Drift: Round 4 Las Vegas Speedway Event

Hankook Tire F200 FULL RACE SLICKS On Special at Gruppe-S Now!

Posted by Gruppe S On July 25, 2009

PTop-notch performance slick tire with consistency and high mileage on dry or damp track. Designed for both Formula Car and Touring Car applications by Hankook now in stock at Gruppe-S with special deals on various sizes, call in for details! (949) 457-1234

Gruppe-S goes crazy for Hello Kitty!

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I just heard that McDonalds was featuring their new Happy Meal Toy, the 50th anniversary Hello Kitty toy for the girls. It is a really cool watch and there are 7 different variations so I thought I would have to wait til all the watches released, this was going to take time and frequent visits to the local McDonalds.

So I head over there to the Foothill Ranch, Ca location and happen to know the manager because my fatass likes eating there. So I asked which toys were available and she said that I could have all 7 if I bought them with a Happy Meal. So I ordered all 7 and the Gruppe-S staff got to eat Happy Meals minus the toy. (The Staff was a bit disappointed opening the happy meals and missing their toy)

BTW the toys are for my 7 year old daughter, I do not have a Hello Kitty fetish, but this should make her very happy. I will save the watches and just use each watch as a reward for good behavior.

Hello Kitty, My Melody, Chococat, Badtz Maru, Keroppi, Sugar Bunnies(white and beige)
From left to right

Don't hate the playa, hate the game!


Gruppe-S first and only to introduce GTR R35 billet piston

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Gruppe-S Engineering is proud to unveil the first billet GTR R35 piston!

No cost was spared in the research and development of the most comprehensive internals solution for the true GTR builders out there. There are obviously great forged pistons available in the world, but we worked with the engineers at JE to introduce a piston that can handle the rigorous demands of extreme high horsepower applications.

Currently there are a few engines that are capable of 1200 horsepower, however the engineers at JE Pistons feel that these are the limitations of these pistons. Some engine builders have contacted us and have seen some piston distortion at those horsepower levels and have been looking for an alternative that can handle up to 1600 hp. Well the industry should be happy to know we finally have a solution for those looking to build the fastest GTRs in the world.

Well here it is, and hope everyone enjoys the greatness of this billet FSR piston just built for us.

These pistons are designed from a billet piece of aerospace aluminum and then machined to maximum lightness, narrow pin bosses and the ability to handle the power demands of a 1600 horsepower engine. We are able to maintain the same piston weight as a forged piston but handle the abuse of endurance or drag.

These pistons will be available in many different configurations from stock bore to 100mm with compressions ranging from 9.0 to 10.5:1, the pistons will also be available for your 4.3 liter stroker kit for those looking to set some records. When your GTR requires nothing but the best, choose the Gruppe-S/JE Billet FSR piston.


HPI Romania we salute you

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This is the official HPI Romania company car featuring the Gruppe-S GTR Drift car. I wonder what the Romanians think when they see this trucking rolling around?

There are even a couple of custom Hankook GTR R35s around, would love to see them if anyone had the time to do it.

HPI thanks for all the love over the years, Andrew Hilman and Rodney Wills we salute you.


Black Friday Blowout @ Gruppe-S

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We are in a recession and we got bills to pay, so everything in our shop is being BLOWN OUT!

And to make the deal even sweeter, we have some insane doorbuster deals going up on Thanksgiving. So check it out here!

Gruppe S to start December as HPI dealer

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I know it's not a big deal, there a bunch of HPI dealers in America, but Gruppe S is going to be stocking some of the rarest and coolest JDM parts for your HPI RC car. Here is a sample of the TCX which available at a select few distributors in America. Check it out.

Look at the detail on this car and the craftsmanship, it is unmatched.


* 50/50 centralized chassis weight distribution optimizes chassis balance and improves handling
* Centralized motor position optimizes lateral weight distribution and improves handling
* LiPo/Life ready chassis layout optimizes electronic mounting locations for better weight distribution
* Narrow bulkheads improve overall traction and cornering performance
* 20T center pulley improves acceleration and maximizes drive-train efficiency
* Dual link steering system gives a more linear steering response
* One piece upper deck optimizes chassis rigidity for improved corner speed
* Variable front and rear shock mounting positions provide numerous tuning options
* Long front aluminum universal driveshafts improve chassis stability and increase traction
* Narrow main chassis maximizes traction and cornering performance
* 3mm Ceramic diff balls deliver super smooth and efficient diff performance

Length: 365mm
Width: 190mm
Wheelbase: 258-262mm
Weight: 1350g

Also I am not sure if we are allowed to release this information but I heard rumors that HPI is planning to release a top of the line drift chassis with countersteer that is supposed to put the industry to shame.

Stay tuned we are working with HPI to bring you some local drift competitions in Lake Forest and even some pictures of some really cool unveiled RC cars in the HPI dungeon.

HPI Online Site on Gruppe-S


SoCAL MINI presents: Bootgate Party in LA! November 17th, 2010

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MINI USA has always been number one in creating this amazing car culture/lifestyle around their cars. When you buy a MINI you dont only become an owner, you also enter into this awesome culture surrounding the car and the people that enjoy them. They always throw amazing events whether its driving a Mini in racing conditions, or just having a grand party to showcase their amazing cars. We just got the invite to this party for their new AWD Turbo Countryman Model, and I will definitely be heading out to it, the perks of attending are amazing as usual. Info is below, hope to see you guys out there!

-Steven @ Gruppe-S

SoCAL MINI Presents: Countryman Bootgate Party for the LA Autoshow
When: November 17th, 2010, 4:30pm - 7:30pm
Where: 1360 S. Figueroa St, Los Angeles
Located directly across from the Los Angeles Convention Center -SOUTH HALL[/SIZE]

Each Attending Guest will Receive ONE FREE LA AUTO SHOW Ticket upon Entry to the event!

- FREE Beer, Sodas and Finger Foods will be served
- There will be Many Prize Giveaways!
- There will be a Surprise NFL Player Attending that will be Autographing some Footballs

The guys at JE Pistons have lost their mind

Posted by Gruppe S On Monday, November 15, 2010 0 comments
Our sales staff have kept this a secret for quite some time, but it is time to let the cat out of the bag. The guys at JE pistons have created a new FSR forging for the popular import applications and we are letting all our followers know.

The have been replacing all their Subaru applications and EVO applications with their new FSR forgings.

The pistons are extremely durable and lightweight, we have tested them to 700hp with great reliability. The best part is that these guys spend a lot of money developing this forging and they kept the price the same as the old pistons. Don't let these guys know, but we are stealing them right from under their noses. Pick up a set before they find out and start raising prices.

JE part #291061 8.5:1 stock bore 99.5mm
JE part #291062 8.5:1 .5mm overbore 100mm


Hankook TD Z221 DOT-R compound coming to America!

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HANKOOK Z221 TD Tire has been officially released!
The tire that is breaking records in Japan time attack is to be released her in America. We are not sure of all the details but the tire is expected to be in the treadwear 50 to 80 range. This tire has been tested and Hankook is happy with their testing, this tire is made to compete and beat the Toyo R888, Nitto NT01 and the Yokohama A050.

Pic of the Hankook Z221 TD Tire

The size of the proposed tire line up is as follows:

195/55R15V Soft

215/45ZR17W Soft

235/45ZR17W Hard

235/45ZR17W Hard

255/40ZR17W Soft

235/40ZR18Y Soft

265/35ZR18Y Soft

285/30ZR18Y Soft

295/30ZR18Y Soft

Other sizes to follow in the future:

The best part of this is that Gruppe-S will be on of the very first companies in this country to carry it. We will have the best possible prices and service. Be the first, attack the track with these bad boys. Don't miss out and pre-order the tire that is breaking all the records.

- EK

Edelbrock Update Check out these Applications!

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E-Force Street Legal Supercharger Kit for 2010-11 Camaro SS (Automatic Transmission) 1597

E-Force Street Legal Supercharger Kit for 2010-11 Camaro SS (Manual Transmission) 1598

2006-2007 LS2 Applications Part

550 HP Complete Supercharger Kit for 2006-07 Corvette 1593

599 HP Complete Supercharger Kit for 2006-07 Corvette 1594

* 2005 programs coming soon

2008-2011 LS3 Applications Part

550 HP Complete Supercharger Kit for 2008-10 Corvette 1590

599 HP Complete Supercharger Kit for 2008-10 Corvette 1591

E-Force Street Legal Supercharger Kit for 2004-08 Ford F-150 2-Wheel Drive (5.4L 3V) 1581

E-Force Street Legal Supercharger Kit for 2009-10 Ford F-150 2-Wheel Drive (5.4L 3V) 1583

E-Force Street Legal Supercharger Kit for 2005-09 Ford Mustang 4.6L 3V 1580

E-Force Street Legal Supercharger Kit for 2010 Ford Mustang 4.6L 3V 1582


The new Innovate Motorsports Digital MTX Series Air/Fuel Ratio Gauge utilizes the only 100% digital Wideband air/fuel ratio technology on the market! Our patented Direct Digital technology is faster and more accurate than common “UEGO” gauges and is now more affordable! In addition, the gauge features a water resistant casing, interchangeable faceplates and bezels, and 2 fully programmable linear analog outputs for use with aftermarket engine managements systems and dataloggers!

The only 100% digital wideband air/fuel ratio technology!

Water Resistant 52mm (2 1/16”) round dash-mountable casing is perfect for automotive, powersports, marine, and demanding racing applications.

Built-in “Direct Digital TM” Wideband Controller reduces wiring and simplifies installation

Wideband O2 “UEGO” is compatible with all fuel types (Leaded, Unleaded, Diesel, Methanol, E85, etc).

Ability to calibrate O2 sensor for increased accuracy

(2) 0-5v fully programmable linear analog outputs for use with engine management systems “closed-loop” and external dataloggers

Interchangeable faceplates and bezels: Black and silver bezel, black and white faceplates included

Large digital readout and programmable “Digital Needle” provides the functionality of a needle style gauge with the pinpoint accuracy of a digital display

Datalog using LogWorks on your PC

Serial IN and OUT ports allows for easy connection with other Innovate MTS and other devices

How the Numbers are Calculated if you are curious!

The calculation involves 2 Steps.

1 a) Calculate first how many revolutions of the crankshaft there are per second instead of per minute.
8000 revolutions/min x 1 min/60 sec.
= 133 revolutions / sec.

1 b) Then using rev/sec, calculate how long it takes to complete 1 crankshaft revolution @8000 rpm?
Using straight ratios:
133 revolutions / sec. = 1 revolution / ? sec.
? seconds = 1 rev. / 133 rev/sec.
= 0.0075 sec.
= 7.5 millisec.

Bottom line is 180milliseconds faster digital air fuel gauge means 24 engine revolutions faster at 8000rpm

$189 Free Shipping + tax if in CA


Edelbrock now Available at Gruppe-S, Supercharge your Car Today!

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We are now offering Edelbrock through Gruppe-S, so now you can get your Domestic Superchargers for the best price available on the internet from Gruppe-S!

We don't normally push domestic products, but we just got back from SEMA Show and they looked so good we had to carry them.

-The manufacturing on these kits its under strict quality control and everything bolts up perfectly every time.
-These kits are 100% CALIFORNIA SMOG LEGAL
-They create strong power gains
-They are priced to move

These new kits are some of the best engineered kits we have seen in a long time, and the power gains are insane so check out the kits to day at or give us a call at 949-457-1234!

-Steven @Gruppe-S


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