Gruppe S / Dynamic Autosports / Hankook Tire GTR Drift Car

Posted by Gruppe S On November 5, 2009

Check out our new Project GTR Drift Car for Formula Drift. Stay up to Date with Developments on the Car here on the Gruppe S Blog

Check out the new End of the Year Gruppe-S Drifting Season Video

Posted by Gruppe-S On November 3, 2009

Robbie Nishida, Eric O'Sullivan, Ryuji Miki and the Hankook Tire Drift Team Video Showcasing our strong 2009 Season.

Check our our Holiday Deals @

Posted by Gruppe S On July 24, 2009

Check out for all the great deals on all your aftermarket performance part needs. Located in Lake Forest, California, Gruppe-S carries thousands of different products and has over a Million Dollars of products IN-STOCK.

Robbie Nishida Qualifies Number One at Formula Drift Las Vegas!

Posted by Gruppe S On July 10, 2009

Robbie Nishida, Driver of the Dynamic Autosport / Hankook Tire 305Z Qualifies in the number one spot at the Formula Drift: Round 4 Las Vegas Speedway Event

Hankook Tire F200 FULL RACE SLICKS On Special at Gruppe-S Now!

Posted by Gruppe S On July 25, 2009

PTop-notch performance slick tire with consistency and high mileage on dry or damp track. Designed for both Formula Car and Touring Car applications by Hankook now in stock at Gruppe-S with special deals on various sizes, call in for details! (949) 457-1234

NEW SSR MS3 3-Piece Wheel

Posted by Gruppe S On Wednesday, February 15, 2012 0 comments
These are the latest and greatest from SSR. The MS3 is their latest 3-Piece wheel offering sizes ranging from 16-20 inches in diameter and widths ranging from 5.5- 12.5 inches. The amount of offsets available is tremendous, and you will be sure to find the perfect fit for your car! Along with the variety of offsets there is also PCD's including 4x100, 4x114.3, 5x100 and 5x114.3. Other offsets can be ordered for... get this... NO EXTRA CHARGE! There are three color choices avaiable which are Silver, Titan Silver and Flat Black. Here are some pictures of these incredible wheels!

The step lip will be offered on the 18-20 inch wheels and the 16-17 inch will be a regular flat lip

Give us a call if you want a set for yourself!!

Weds Kranze and Maverick VIP Wheels - VIP eye candy!

Posted by Gruppe S On Monday, February 13, 2012 0 comments
VIP guys, had to put up the WEDS Kranze and Mavericks for you guys. I know you guys do some crazy things, these are some of the crazy WEDS wheels available. I would love to see people uploading pictures of their car with some WEDS on them.

Enjoy the wheel gallery!

WEDS Kranze Bazreia

WEDS Kranze Cerberus 2

WEDS Kranze Chrishna 567 EVO

WEDS Kranze Chrishna

WEDS Kranze Elaborar

WEDS Kranze Glossa 898 EVO

WEDS Kranze Glossa 898 EVO


WEDS Kranze Magiss

WEDS Magiss 531 EVO

WEDS Kranze Magiss 531 EVO

WEDS Krazne Magiss

WEDS Kranze Ratzinger

WEDS Kranze Vishunu

WEDS Kranze Vishunu 550 EVO

WEDS Kranze Vishunu

WEDS Maverick 005s

WEDS Maverick 010s

WEDS Maverick 107d

WEDS Maverick 110s

WEDS Maverick 208s

WEDS Maverick 210s

WEDS Maverick 220m

WEDS Maverick 315f

WEDS Maverick 316m

WEDS Bazeria

BIG POWER requires big injectors!

Posted by Gruppe S On Sunday, February 12, 2012 0 comments
The team at Gruppe-S has been using the Injector Dynamics injectors in most applications because they do make one of the nicest injectors on the market. We really like that single tip design, they matched injectors! Their 1000cc injectors have been very popular, but some people have asked for bigger injectors, we have find a source. We have always tried to stay away from re-manufactured or rebuilt used injectors where guys are butchering them to make them flow more.

We did find a guy that is offering a new Bosch 1150cc injector for your high horsepower EVO, Subaru, S2000, or even your GTR. Take a look, we will have these bad boys arriving here shortly. We can even get the plug and play adapters for your custom application.

1150cc injectors, use only if you are really going to make a lot of horsepower!

Starting price $135.00 each


DAMN TOMEI! What is going on!?

Posted by Gruppe S On Saturday, February 11, 2012 0 comments
I am going to vent a little, but i think you will happy to hear this. So I have been waiting for Tomei to develop new turbos for the EVO X and the Twin scroll Subaru Turbo. It has been delayed for quite a long time and I have been harassing and calling Tomei for the exact ETA on these parts.

I found out what their problem is, here is a brief summary on each turbo.
Twin Scroll set up for the Subaru GDB/GRB. They had a unit back in the day, but they weren't happy with the performance, the spool up time and the overall horsepower numbers. So they developed a new setup, and after testing their new unit, again they were unhappy and now spending thousands of dollars testing and developing a new turbo, they are scrapping it and starting over. That also means a ton of time and money lost, but the sad thing is they scrapped the design, but that crappy design is being sold through other channels. So if you see a twin scroll set up out there, it is their rejected style. Good luck with that.

EVO X turbo - it has been delayed for quite some time, I was just sent pictures of them testing the turbo vs different options. They are testing it against the GT3076R, HKS GT2, and the FP Black. So until they find a turbo that is better, they won't be releasing crap. So you know when you buy Tomei, you have a trusted supplier to has designed and tested their products to the highest standard.

TOMEI EVO X turbo being tested on the dyno.

They even went out of their way to buy and test their competitors turbos! Crazy guys.

So hang in there everyone, Tomei will be releasing this turbo soon, it will be worth the wait!


Speed 3 With Weds SA-55M's Perfect Fitment!!

Posted by Gruppe S On Thursday, February 09, 2012 0 comments
Hey everyone got a sweet ride in the shop today. It is a 2011 Mazda Speed 3 with some new shoes! He decided to go big and chose to get some SA-55M's wrapped in Hankook V12's. To keep these tasty wheels on the car he went with Project Kics SR40 NEo lugs. All you Speed 3 guys out there this is a perfect fit on stock fenders!

Here are the specs on the wheels and tires:

Matte Gray Machining
18x9 +36

Hankook V12

If you want this set up on your car give us a call and we will be sure to hook you up



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