Gruppe S / Dynamic Autosports / Hankook Tire GTR Drift Car

Posted by Gruppe S On November 5, 2009

Check out our new Project GTR Drift Car for Formula Drift. Stay up to Date with Developments on the Car here on the Gruppe S Blog

Check out the new End of the Year Gruppe-S Drifting Season Video

Posted by Gruppe-S On November 3, 2009

Robbie Nishida, Eric O'Sullivan, Ryuji Miki and the Hankook Tire Drift Team Video Showcasing our strong 2009 Season.

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Robbie Nishida Qualifies Number One at Formula Drift Las Vegas!

Posted by Gruppe S On July 10, 2009

Robbie Nishida, Driver of the Dynamic Autosport / Hankook Tire 305Z Qualifies in the number one spot at the Formula Drift: Round 4 Las Vegas Speedway Event

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Posted by Gruppe S On July 25, 2009

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Transmission and Engine ARE IN!!

Posted by Gruppe S On Friday, February 26, 2010 1 comments

The team situated the VQ35 big boy stroker and Gforce transmision in the R35. The fitment is great, especially since the car was designed for a VR38 which is even bigger. We brought the engine as close to the firewall for good weight distribution and fabricated some solid engine mounts to keep the power going into the ground.

The extra room in the engine bay will allow for a bigger turbo and even a larger diameter downpipe.

Secret info, rear end is amazing but final product pics will be shown after completion on the rear end. Don't want to give away all our secrets, now do we?


Hankook GTR Information Release!

Posted by Gruppe S On Friday, February 26, 2010 0 comments
Hello everyone, my name is Steven Tran, I handle the Marketing / PR for Dynamic. After spending some time reading all the interesting rumors floating around the internet, I think it’s about time we squash the rumors on the Drift GTR for next year.

Let’s start off with the first question that’s been floating around:

What was the GTR we displayed at the SEMA Show?
That GTR was strictly for Demo and Press purposes to announce our plans for the 2010 Formula Drift Season, it was basically created in order to visually announce the project and how the finished vehicle would potentially look. Instead of releasing a rendered photo of the potential finished car, we opted to take it a bit further and make a replica GTR in order to showcase what the final product will look like; it was our way to announce the project with a strong impact. During this time, the chassis we are using for competition was at our shop undergoing preparation and development for the upcoming season of Formula Drift. The SEMA Show in Las Vegas is traditionally used to release information regarding the projects for 2010, and many of the new projects for 2010 that attend the SEMA Show are projects in progress and not entirely finished.

What motor will the GTR be using next year?
Moment of truth for some of you, we are going to be running a special large stroked VQ mated with a G-Force 4-Speed Dog Box Transmission, specs on this motor will be released at a later time as R&D and testing gets finished. Currently the VR38 GTR Motor is still under development and we are currently working on developing the most advanced stroker system for that motor. Our power target for that motor is 1000+HP, so as developments on that motor progress we will keep you up to date. The VR38 platform is something we are considering to use in the future, but until we finish R&D and test the motor for competition we do not have an ETA when we will use the GTR VR38.

Will the GTR be finished in time for Long Beach?
We are on a set schedule and have been working diligently to finish the car, and everything is currently on schedule. We plan have the racing debut of the GTR at Long Beach, so unless some serious unforeseen situation occurs or an act of god, we will be in Long Beach with the GTR.

If you are an Official Media Outlet and would like any information regarding the GTR, please feel free to give us a call at 949-457-1234 we'll gladly fill you in on any details of the project.

-Steven @ Gruppe-S

Gruppe-S VR38DETT Stroker Crank in Development

Posted by Gruppe S On Thursday, February 18, 2010 0 comments
Gruppe-S is currently working on developing the most Advanced Stroker Crank available. CNC machined with updated Oil Drilling will enhance Higher RPM ranges and resolve High horsepower oiling issues.

ETA on the finished prototype is one more week, then we'll begin the testing stage.

Expected new displacement on this Stroker kit will bring up the VR38 to a range from 4.0L to 4.3L. Updates on this VR38 Stroker kit will be up soon.

Steven @ Gruppe-S

GTR Cage: Side Runners Installed and Engine Bay Prep

Posted by Gruppe S On Wednesday, February 17, 2010 0 comments
The side runners are on cage have been lined up and cut to fit the driver side with out fabricator working on the passenger side as we speak.

Jason, our resident genius when it comes to body work and chassis preparation, is cutting out sections in the engine bay in order to make room for the special power plant that will be pushing this GTR. The motor we will be running in the GTR for this 2010 season of Formula Drift is going to be...... I think I may have said too much so we'll talk more on that later..

-Steven @

Hankook GTR gets it's Rear End worked on

Posted by Gruppe S On Tuesday, February 16, 2010 0 comments
Continuing work on the GTR's cage, we cut out sections of the chassis to lay out the base plates for the rear runners of the cage that connect the rear portion of the chassis to the main hoop. The cage is nearing completion and work continues on the chassis preparation. Come back tomorrow for another update on the progress of our GTR Drift Build!

-Steven @

GTR Cage: Front Beams and Bar and Stiching up the Seams!

Posted by Gruppe S On Monday, February 15, 2010 0 comments
With the Foundation of a Main hoop and Crossbar in place, its time to extend this cage forward with the main front runners with a cross beam running along the front top section. Stay Tuned for updates tomorrow!!

Steven @ Gruppe-S

GTR Cage Developments

Posted by Gruppe S On Friday, February 12, 2010 0 comments

With the main hoop laid out , the X portion of the cage has been cut and welded onto the main hoop. The rest of the cage is being laid out, bent and cut as we speak!

Tune in again for another update on the GTR's Progress.

- Steven @ Gruppe-S

GTR Chassis Prep Work Continues!

Posted by Gruppe S On Thursday, February 11, 2010 0 comments
The chassis prep work continues on the / Hankook Tire GTR. All stops have been pulled and no expense is being spared for the build of this GTR. The cabin portion of the frame has been stitch welded, and the adhesive in the joints of the frame have been grinded out to reduce every last possible ounce of weight off the vehicle.

The main hoop and base plates for the cage have been belt and cut out, and further cage work is being done as this is being written. Every last ounce of possible weight it being taken out of this car.

Check in tomorrow for another update on the progress of the GTR Build.

Development on the Drift GTR! *Subframe and Stitch Welding*

Posted by Gruppe S On Monday, February 08, 2010 0 comments
The / Dynamic Autosports / Hankook Tire Drift GTR begins the chassis preparation stage of the development process.

Below: The subframe of the GTR along with the transmission is dropped after was stripped down to it's bare chassis.

The rear section of the under body has been stitched welded by one of our Master Technicians, Adam Depner. Sections of the under body coating had to be grinded off in order to clear the area for a clean weld

After finishing the stitch welding, Master Technician Adam Depner, pictured here, is laying on a coat of primer in order to protect the newly exposed metal from the elements..
We have a long way to go, but be sure to keep checking back for the latest news and photos on the development process of the GTR. We will be documenting the entire development process, from build to test and tune to competition.

-Steven @ Gruppe-S
Alright folks. First off let me say that these photos don't do any justice to how beautiful this car is, not to mention how loud it is....

Standing next to this car while its doing a pull on the dyno is much like being outside during a thunderstorm, but instead of being on the ground your up in the clouds. Even with your hands over your ears, this thing just rumbled deeeeeeep into your bones. We had the entire shop at a standstill just so everyone could find out why it sounded like the "Apocalypse" in our warehouse.

2010 is looking pretty good for the Hankook Tire Team, come April this thing will mop up the competition! (Other than the other members of the Hankook Tire Team...)
No numbers to post up on our blog, you'll just have to find out in April @ the Streets of Long Beach FD Opener.



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